Vote Like Me (ebook)

Vote Like Me (ebook)

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Most Americans are dissatisfied with our representation in Washington, yet the stranglehold that two political parties hold over elections seems inextricable. This book shows how the control that political parties have is actually quite fragile; how centrist voters, those who do not have an affinity for either political party, have substantially greater power. It demonstrates how even a small group of dedicated individuals can have the greatest influence over the direction of our nation. Our political environment has evolved into a culture where productive change is not possible; it has become the equivalent of a business or company where half of the employees (the other party) are actively and deliberately seeking to sabotage the company's success. Even the most competent business leaders would find it impossible to employ an effective strategy in this environment. The team building, coordination and execution that make American companies the greatest in the world cannot exist in politics. Today, all politicians follow the same script, they read the same talking points and they vote in unison along party lines; they have turned our founder's model of a representative democracy into one which best serves the interests of politicians. Political parties have determined how to act, and how not to act, based on their mutual best interest. When members of both parties act the same, we no longer have a democracy. The book Vote Like Me seeks to correct this imbalance by bringing voters together for the sole purpose of the advancement of the United States. Because most dissatisfied voters do not have an affinity for either political party, we can act outside of the political system in a way that is unencumbered by fundraising goals, election cycles or all of the other factors that debilitate politicians.

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Vote Like Me (ebook)


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