Cold Fury (ebook)

Cold Fury (ebook)

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She could feel the hands of death reaching closer. If she could just keep going, maybe she could out run them. Farther and farther she went until exhaustion and the bitter cold slowed her down. No longer was she worried, maybe she would rest… Derrick found her face down in the snow. As he rolled her over, he knew he had just found the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. With only a faint heartbeat, he knew he had to get her to safety quickly. With the help of his team, he was able to save her. But would he be able to protect her from what was following her or from the four enraptured men around him vying for her attention? Derrick knew he wanted Sarah for himself… Sarah found herself at the mercy of five handsome strangers. They vowed to keep her safe, but for how long? He was coming for her and when he found her, there would be hell to pay. Sarah, a college student, finds herself in a relationship with a madman bent on killing her. She escapes only to find herself lost in the vast snow-covered mountains of Colorado. Exhaustion and cold slows her down. Derrick and his team, mostly ex-military, have formed a group for hire to do almost anything that is required. Therefore, they are often hired by local or federal authorities to help with some of the more difficult jobs. It is on one of these jobs, that Derrick finds Sarah face down in the snow. They were working with federal agents in Colorado to track and find a serial killer. Now they have the additional task of protecting Sarah from whatever she was running from. Sarah finds herself surrounded by five handsome strangers, all vying for her attention. They are all great men, but she finds herself drawn to Derrick. She believes the attraction is mutual but can they find love in these difficult times?.

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Cold Fury (ebook)


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