The Secrets Of Innovational Leadership (ebook)

The Secrets Of Innovational Leadership (ebook)

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This book is dedicated to the inventive spirit of mankind and those who exemplify man's best attributes in the great cause of advancing the well-being of all the people on this planet. It is written to assist in the development of that innovative spirit and leadership. Rather than just containing black and white printed words of guidance on leadership and innovation, the book integrates and displays the beauty, diversity, and innovative life found in the natural world around us. It is organized into 10 chapters with 10 sections in each. It takes you from the vision, the team, the strategies, the product, the attributes and actions and behaviors of a leader, to a projection of the future. Each chapter has an introduction followed by 10 discussion points. Each discussion point, or point of light, occupies one page. Each page has a title that speaks to a leadership or product attribute. It has a brief description of the attribute and its relevance to innovation. There is a quote from a well know person to support that thought. Where appropriate, there is a picture taken in the natural world that conveys the basic thought. A picture can be worth a thousand words and can best elicit our emotions and feelings. The pictures selected to reinforce the message of some discussion points are pictures of birds in their natural settings. Birds are an embodiment of man's ancient dreams of flight, travel, adventure, and freedom. Many familiar expressions of reaching for the unknown involve flying and are explored in this book. There is a self-improvement test at the end of the book. Since there are 10 chapters each with 10 discussion points, there are 100 points. If you feel you have achieved the recommended leadership or product attribute, you score it a yes, 100 yeses = 100%. This section is intended to help you focus on areas you can improve and strengthen.

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The Secrets Of Innovational Leadership (ebook)


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