Six Of The Best (ebook)

Six Of The Best (ebook)

Mad Mally
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A small collection of Mad Mally’s best poems Mad Mally was born in North East London in the early 1950’s and spent his formative years in Chingford E14 where he was educated. In his early twenties he worked in the City of London for a Shipping Agent until the age of 30 when he decided enough was enough and a move to rural Devon followed along with marriage and eventually children. He lived in Devon for some 20 years owing and running a number of different enterprises. The inevitable divorce offered the opportunity for a complete change of lifestyle and Mad Mally “slung his hook” to Bangkok where he has been ever since. During his time in Bangkok he worked for a number of years as a teacher at various schools whilst maintaining a long-term relationship with his Thai partner Nee. Quite why he started writing he hasn’t the first idea, but the urge came from somewhere almost overnight. He started with writing poetry and subsequently he has become among other things a travel writer writing about Thailand. He believes the sudden urge to write was a legacy from his dear departed mother who was also a writer and poet, albeit unpublished to date. When he was writing poetry he often that he was just a medium and what eventually ended up on paper was little to do with him. He found himself asking, where did that come from; time and time again.

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Mad Mally
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Six Of The Best (ebook)


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