The Song Of Silence (ebook)

The Song Of Silence (ebook)

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What would you be willing to do if one day you awoke in a cell and discovered that you were the primary suspect in the murder of your husband? Aida Lizaro’s life was perfect. A loving husband, a beautiful house, money, and the social status necessary to be someone. She had it all until one day she wakes up with no memory, locked behind bars, and with the only certainty being that she didn’t do it, regardless of how much the evidence insists on insinuating otherwise. A prostitute, a nurse, and a child will be the ones to demolish and reconstruct the falsity of the Delvecchio marriage. Three witnesses to a life full of abuse, lies, facades, and pain. Three witnesses who will bring embarrassment and desperation to light. What would you do to preserve your life and that of the people you love most if the rest of the world turned its back on you? How many punches can be taken without screaming? Her silence was Carlo Delvecchio’s greatest weapon and that gave Aida wings with which to fly. Love, passion, weakness, blood, and a beautiful background song about death and liberation. Months ago, when the music didn’t stop playing. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “She has managed to deceive the reader in order to provide an ultimate surprise. The method and the ending are not gratuitous either, they are well-developed and it comes out well. As a debut it suggests a good start for this young novelist.” - Anika Lillo, Anika entre Libros “Upon reading the grand finale I felt like getting up and applauding until my hands bled.” Edelia, Ex Libri “Leara keeps us glued to the pages from the first act, eager to understand the entire mystery around the murder, with the certainty that it is a developed and gruesome plot.” - Daniel Ojeda, “What I enjoyed most was the narrat.

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Leara Martell
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The Song Of Silence (ebook)


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