Banging Daddy’S Friend Roy (ebook)

Banging Daddy’S Friend Roy (ebook)

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Ebony has had a crush on Daddy’s friend Roy for years. He’s her ideal — a big bear of a man with a gruff voice and an attitude to match. She’s determined to show him the little girl he knew has become the woman he desires. She plans to give him everything they both want—once she gets Daddy to stop interrupting them. Adults only! 18+! This short includes depictions of a big ass being spanked hard, downing a thick dick, and hard-pounding unprotected sex. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Ebony jerked with a yelp when her phone started singing Glory by Jay-Z. She tapped the talk button and then speaker. “Hi, Daddy. What’s up?” “Hey, Tot. I need a favor. Are you busy?” “Nothing I can’t ignore for you.” Daddy chuckled and she imagined him shaking his head. He did that a lot with her. “Don’t go ignoring work.” “I’m not. This project has a few more days on it. Taking a short break won’t delay it that much. What did you need?” “You sure?” “Daddy.” “Fine. Fine. I’ve got a computer issue. Roy touched something and now the whole database is messed up.” “I didn’t do it,” Roy snapped in the background. The sound of something rubbing the phone filtered across and Daddy said in muffled tones, “Computers don’t just stop working.” “This one did.” “Sure.” The rubbing happened again. “Ebony, can you take a look at it?” She smiled and moved the mouse to the save icon on her screen. “I’ll be right there.” “Thanks a bunch, Tot. See you in a bit.” “Bye, Daddy.” She tapped the end button, finished saving and backing up her work, and then pushed away from her desk. The auto shop, huh? She hadn’t been there since she moved back home, which was a shame considering how much she loved having sex. Daddy had quite a few hard bodies working at his shop. All she would have to do was flash a smile and a little—or a lot—of her smooth brown skin and she could convince one or two of Daddy’s workers to follow her out back for a quickie. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d enjoyed one of Daddy’s employees while he was on the clock... .

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Banging Daddy’S Friend Roy (ebook)


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