Kurgan (ebook)

Kurgan (ebook)

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Oen faces many trials and temptations on his long journey. He is a young man who seemingly has it all: adventurous friends, money, and status. And yet, there’s an emptiness in Oen’s heart. It’s something he can’t name or place, but it eats away at him until, in one horrific act of violence, everything changes. Ayzer is a young man who seemingly has nothing. A lost soul in a strange world, Ayzer will travel to far off realms, encountering malicious dwarves and disgraced royalty. He’ll be confronted by a mysterious wizard and by a terrifying creature that is tormenting the people and animals of his new world. He needs some time to discover why this strange world seems so familiar, yet fascinatingly different to him. On his journeys, Ayzer will meet Uselya, the love of his life, and make many new friends, some highly influential, others merely of noble birth. Above all, he’ll try to solve the mystery of the emptiness in his own heart. Who is he and which world—his or Oen’s—is the real world?Blending social commentary with fantasy, Kurgan: Fall of the Palace is a rollicking adventure that explores love, faith, and what makes a place truly home. Full of thrilling settings and exciting characters, this is a book that asks what makes life truly worthwhile: status and fame, or faith and love?.

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Blue Dome Press
EPub con DRM
Novela - Narrativa
Novela Española e Hipanoamericana
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Kurgan (ebook)


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