The Business Of Writing & Editing (ebook)

The Business Of Writing & Editing (ebook)

Sagan Morrow
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Do you like the idea of working from home and owning your own business... but you're just not sure where to start? Are you thinking about becoming a freelance writer or editor, and wondering if that type of work is right for YOU? Have you done a little research into freelancing and found it altogether too overwhelming... so that you have more questions now than you initially started out with? This book can help! It will provide you with all of the basics of freelancing, from starting your business to setting your rates to managing clients and more. When author Sagan Morrow decided to quit her 9-5 job and launch her full-time freelancing business, she wished that there was just ONE go-to resource which would have all the answers to her questions about freelancing. And now, based on her own experiences, she's written the book she wished she had when she was starting out as a freelancer. In this comprehensive resource, you'll get... - Practical tips to help you with your new business and your new lifestyle. - Personal anecdotes for what works (and what doesn't) as a home-based small business owner. - Ideas for networking, marketing your business, and how to thrive with your home office. - Templates you can start using right away for your freelancing business (including an editing checklist, a business plan template, a sample invoice and more!). - Answers to some important questions you might not have considered about being a freelancer. - A step-by-step guide for finding clients, managing slow and busy times, and how to succeed as a new business owner. Sagan Morrow is a freelance writer / editor and a professional lifestyle blogger based in Canada. Her knowledge of business has been gleaned from more than seven years of experience as a freelancer.

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The Business Of Writing & Editing (ebook)


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