Your Own Worst Enemy...No More (ebook)

Your Own Worst Enemy...No More (ebook)

Susan Travis
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"I am my own worst enemy." Have you ever uttered these words? Or had this said about you? My book addresses what lies behind this oft said and self-imprisoning phrase. We are all, to some degree, prisoners in our own self-created prisons. In order to change this reality, awareness is essential, along with the desire, willingness and the tools to change. With that in mind, I introduce you to yourself, not only as Prisoner, but also as Prison Builder, Jailer, and Key Holder. We play all these roles. This book delves into what it means to play all these roles, how and why you might have begun to play these roles, and, most importantly, how to free yourself from your self-created prisons. I use the analogy of people as prisoners, prison builders, jailers, and key holders to describe the process of becoming one's own worst enemy and the process of escaping from this imprisonment. I wrote this book because of my strong desire to bring consciousness to the unconscious process of self- imprisonment. I wanted to give the reader the tools (Keys) to freedom, along with clear examples of how to use these tools. You can Read this book in the way that works best for your style of absorbing information, and that allows you to optimize your enjoyment. If only the sixteen Keys interest you, head right for Part IV. If reading stories is a more enjoyable way to take in new information, then start with Part V, five prison break stories. These stories model for you how to plan your personal "great escape". I wrote this book to bring your awareness to the unconscious roles you play that keep you imprisoned in a confined life. With this newfound awareness, you can use any of the sixteen Keys offered in this book—Keys you've always had in your possession—to finally unlock your Prison doors and embrace the genuine life you deserve! After breaking out of prison, it is time to reevaluate your life, to keep what works and eliminate what doesn't work.

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Your Own Worst Enemy...No More (ebook)


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