Pursuing God'S Best (ebook)

Pursuing God'S Best (ebook)

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There is much emphasis on being or having the best. In baseball, Barry Bonds was said to be the best; in basketball, it was Michael Jordan; in golf, you hear, Tiger Woods; and tennis has Venus and Serena Williams. What is the common denominator with all of these individuals? Inherent in them is a desire to be greater than the normal athlete. This same thirst for greatness is in you, too. God has placed a seed in you that is a replica of Him. The pursuit of God's best brings out what He has instilled in you, so that you might walk in God's best. This book is a unique and profound message that will greatly bless you. If you are tired of mediocrity, as you read these words, you will find yourself motivated to pursue the fulfilled will of God for your life on the earth. To pursue God's best means to press beyond the point where others have ventured. If you look at Barry Bonds, who first broke Hank Aaron's home run record, then went on to break his own record, you will see someone who pressed past the usual boundaries. Michael Jordan pressed beyond the norm in basketball, then after retiring for a short time, he decided that idleness was not good for his life, so he returned to the game. He felt that the only way to be fulfilled was to return to the thing where he had accomplished his greatest feats. The boxer, Roy Jones, had been fighting for many years before most of us had ever heard his name. But, because he pressed beyond the normal, he is now the middleweight champion of the world and everyone knows his name! Mediocrity is not an option if you want God's best for your life. What distinguishes the average believer from an anointed son of God? Anointed, mature sons of God, have a discipline cultivated through diligence in their quest to walk with God to pursue His best for their lives. Believers are re-born but sons transform into the measure and stature of Christ Jesus.

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Pursuing God'S Best (ebook)


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