The Dog Bites (ebook)

The Dog Bites (ebook)

Kit Palmer
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Kit Palmer is a humble man with an overt sincerity, sometimes purposely hidden from view due to his dynamic personality and hatred of the incompetent. Kit started off life happy and carefree but with an inbuilt curiosity of asking 'why.' Kit also refuses to believe the lies that are told to be absolute truth by politicians, ministers of religion, senior police officers (there are no superiors of course) and anyone else who patronizes him. Kit moves into the world of crime fighting by joining the federal police in sydney and then after he learned the ropes by a few hard nosed detectives, gravitated back to his home state of queensland. he joined the queensland state police force and quickly moved into the criminal investigation branch, working in some of the toughest towns in the state. in the book 'the dog bites' Kit displays the reality of being a detective and the personal toll it takes on the officer without dwelling on the topic with sorrow. the book develops into a 'no holds barred' 'on the edge' novel and slowly exposes the real thoughts and character of Kit Palmer. the book is rated R (language, violence and adult themes) due to the impossibility of deleting the real thoughts, words and actions of real police. Kit Palmer wants to be, as he describes it, 'the best f-in' cop in Australia'. in doing so he philosophizes on the world we live in as a whole and people in general. which is why he refuses to use capital letters, except for his own name of course. this is not an overt display of Kit's bravado or ego but a verbal expression to gain attention to the separation of 'good citizens' from 'bad citizens.' he believes in truth, justice and the australian way of life and has worked all of his life in protecting all peoples from themselves and others hell bent on civil disturbance. the book is not so much an interesting novel but a cutting edge explanation of what it is like to be on the justice knife edge.

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The Dog Bites (ebook)


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