Rose By Any Other Name (ebook)

Rose By Any Other Name (ebook)

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Don'tcha just hate the way you get caught up in stuff without really wanting to? You make a wrong move, and before you know it you're in some weird scene that isn't you but ... how do you get out of it? Maybe you lied, maybe you stole, maybe you betrayed your closest friend. It happens. Yeah. Then it goes a bit further, and suddenly you're one of those jerks you hate because ... you can't be trusted. Rose is all packed up. She's got a van full of petrol and a stack of CDs. She's got a surfboard in the back and a secret that won't go away. But that's okay. She also has enough attitude to light up the night sky. Then her mother decides to come along ... and Rose's road trip takes an unplanned U-turn, straight to the heart of last summer. Reviews: No one explores that time of possibilities between school and university or work as honestly as Maureen mcCarthy.' Gleebooks summer reading catalogue, distributed in Sydney Morning Herald 20/11/06 a fantastically paced and engaging novel, which deals with some really topical issues affecting most children today. Sure to appeal to the fans of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, this is well written and a real feel-good novel that every older teenager girl will enjoy.' Bookseller + Publisher Oct 2006 Maureen McCarthy's books are engrossing because the protagonists' lives ring true and she articulates the feelings that most people leave unsaid ' Weekend Australian 28-29 Oct 2006.

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