Screw Inner Beauty (ebook)

Screw Inner Beauty (ebook)

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Publicly, Shamelessly, Unshakeably Fat and Happy The bad news: there probably isn't a thin person inside you waiting to get out. But there just might be a happy, confident, awesome fat person in there - and this book will help you find her. Bloggers Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby have lost count of how many diets they've been on. Between them, they've lost enough weight to make up a whole other person - a whole other fat person. But like almost all dieters, they always gained it back - so they finally decided it was time to activate Plan B. In Screw Inner Beauty, they share how they came to quit starving themselves and like their fat bodies the way they are. Marianne and Kate know that 'fat' doesn't equal disgusting. Or lazy. Or undisciplined. Or stupid. Instead, it's just the single most efficient description of bodies that aren't, well, thin. So it's time to reclaim both the word and the reality - to give up on what they call 'The Fantasy of Being Thin', and trade it in for 'The Realistic Prospect of Being Happy with Who You Are'. In Screw Inner Beauty you'll discover how to live your life with joy, pride, brio, and plenty of healthy self-respect, no matter what size dress you wear. You'll learn how to eat what your body asks for, exercise just because it feels good, ignore all the haters (and your mum), and forget about the stupid number on the scale.

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Screw Inner Beauty (ebook)


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