The Migrant Presence (ebook)

The Migrant Presence (ebook)

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This book examines the way in which Australian institutions have responded to the influx of migrants of non-Anglo-Saxon origin during the past thirty years. Until the end of the sixties, the typical Australian reaction was that these migrants could be, and were being, assimilated into the mainstream of British-Australian society and culture. At the end of the sixties, both the assimilationist philosophy and the claim of successful and effortless absorption came into question, and migrants of non-English speaking background began to be defined as problems. Now, in a third phase, migrants themselves are rejecting the notion that they are, above all, problems or people with problems. Instead they are asserting their rights and dignity as legitimate minorities in an ethnically plural society. The author goes on to trace in detail the response of the institutions of education, health, and the trade unions to 'the migrant presence'. 'Well written, well presented, well documented and challenging.' - C. A. Price, The National Times 'Well written, sympathetic to the point of anger and should be included in any course on Australian society or public policy... an invaluable contribution.' - James Jupp, Politics Studies in Society is a series edited by Ronald Wild which sets out to cover the major topics in Australasian sociology. The books will not be 'readers' but original works - some will cover new ground and present original research, some will provide an overview and synthesis of source materials and existing research, and all will be important reading for students of sociology.

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