Tug Of War (ebook)

Tug Of War (ebook)

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From award-winning author, Catherine Forde, comes Tug of War, a heart-warming story about one girl’s choices. In 2012 The Emergency begins as terrorist bombs shatter cities around the UK and wreak havoc on normal life. Molly’s parents decide to send her and her brother, John, away from Glasgow to safety in the countryside. Molly is sent to Paradise Farm where she is cared for by Pernilla, who has always wanted a child, and gives Molly everything she desires. Pernilla’s youthful enthusiasm is in stark contrast to Molly’s own frumpy, daggy mum. Molly is so caught up in her new life that she fails to take action when her friend, Fergal, tells her that John has been sent to live with an abusive farmer. It is not until her mother comes to visit that Molly realises how important her family is, and how close she is to losing them. But now she has to make a choice: Eeny-Meeny Miny mum. Who will Molly choose? Praise for Catherine Forde’s books for young adults: 'True to form, Sugarcoated is a caustic, abrasive thriller that burns to the heart of adolescent angst’ – The Bookseller on Sugarcoated 'Another gripping story . . . from an author who never disappoints’ – Independent on Tug of War 'A gripping and edgy thriller’ – The Bookseller on Firestarter 'A novel that is both troubling and inspirational’ – Guardian on Skarrs 'Should be force-fed to every secondary school child in the country’ – Sunday Telegraph on Fat Boy Swim .

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