Sylvia Pankhurst (ebook)

Sylvia Pankhurst (ebook)

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SPECIAL PRICE OFFER FOR CHRISTMAS The next few years mark the centenary of some of the biggest events which changed women's right to vote, including the death of Emily Davison at the 1913 Derby. Sylvia was the daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and younger sister of Christabel. She was also the rebel in the family and stood alongside her married lover, Keir Hardie, when he formed the Labour Party. When he died, she started travelling - in Moscow, she reprimanded Lenin about his view of Communism, became lovers with an Italian revolutionary and bore his son when she was 45. She fought for Ethiopian independence and was given a state funeral after her death in 1960, in recognition of her importance to the Ethiopian cause. Fifty-two years later, a member of the House of Lords is campaigning for a statue of Sylvia Pankhurst to be erected opposite the Houses of Parliament, a long-deserved recognition of the importance of this rebellious Suffragette. Update of Shirley Harrison's definitive study of the famous Suffragette, first published in 2004 but now with a new, original foreword by Sylvia Pankhurst's son, Richard, updated text, interviews and all new images. Quotes and comments about Sylvia Pankhurst: * Emmeline Pankhurst - 'that Scarlet woman' * George Bernard Shaw - 'queerest idiot genius of this age' * Hitler had her on an arrest list for when he invaded Britain * Mussolini was watching her activities * Lenin - 'Comrade Sylvia Pankhurst's... wrong' * Headline Daily Express, 1920 - 'Sylvia's World Revolution' * Foreign Officer papers - 'Sylvia Pankhurst is a blister'.

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Sylvia Pankhurst (ebook)


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