Holding Back The Tears (ebook)

Holding Back The Tears (ebook)

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This is true story about real people is set in Edinburgh City and Dundee, where a petite Scottish Lassie called Rosie Gilmour, mother to Finlay Sinclair, receives news of the death of her son – who tragically has taken his own life by hanging. Rosie pretends her son is still alive by talking to him, for that takes away the unbearable pain of her loss. But once she begins to face up to the fact that Finlay is not coming back, her conversations become more of a challenge than she can handle. When memories of her past are triggered by everyday life events, they take her mind back and forth in time – back to her own childhood days in 1960, when she flirted with the fairground boys, and to the day she gave birth to Finlay – ''ME LADDIE''. Rosie's Scottish accent becomes more apparent whenever her emotions are heightened and she begins to recite poetry. She goes on to reveal doubts about her own self-worth and and how she re-unites her role as mother – a role she had denied herself for seven years prior to Finlay's death. Rosie learns how to forgive herself and how to accept her loss with using practical coping strategies that sometimes but not always work for her. Many voices of different natures and walks of life appear in Rosie's, story with each one offering a part of their own belief to try and console her in her misery – except that she turns her back on any advice or support offered. Rosie is convinced that she can cope with her loss on her own and "needs no help from anyone, thank you" - until a sweet, gentle, soft-spoken voice begins to travel with her throughout her ordeal, leaving her no other choice but to listen.

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