Nothing But The Truth? (ebook)

Nothing But The Truth? (ebook)

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Nothing But The Truth? follows some of the struggles that John Berriman has come across when it comes to people telling, or even preaching, the truth. Why it is that truth today is so hard to find? Why don’t people see through lies? Deception! The one problem with deception is that you don’t know that you are deceived! John has always been fascinated by 'The Truth’. “When I worked on hospital radio I was always amazed that it was so easy to deceive people with little 'white lies’. When you look at a beautiful picture on the TV we need to remember that it is probably a back-drop! Yet we are told that the camera never lies.” A visiting prophetic speaker from a large church in South Africa once told John that if he were to take a knife and cut him through the middle 'truth’ would be right through his DNA. In this book John states that 'love is worth fighting for’ and relates some home truths about life, work, the world and even why some people would rather hear lies! This book is aimed at seekers of the 'Truth' as well as those exploring Christianity or fed up with church as they see it. It is for those who like country/farming stories. Truth is in demand, it is in short supply and many feel that it is not made anymore or even that there is no ultimate truth! 'A very readable book that is well written, a niche in the market place’ says John Glass, General Superintendent, Elim Church. .

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Nothing But The Truth? (ebook)


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