Clerical Errors (ebook)

Clerical Errors (ebook)

Bob Rees
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The Christian credo fails to stand up to objective scrutiny, but we soon discover why two billion thoughtful and intelligent people nevertheless affirm their religious faith and why they continue to cling so tenaciously to it. Clerical Errors reviews the improbable history of Christianity and the diabolical harm that it has done, and continues to do, in God's name. We soon discover, however, that God is innocent! The finger of suspicion turns instead to the Clerics who originally formulated Christian dogma, and on to their successors who have subsequently promoted various competing brands of monotheism. They have capitalised on the necessarily-abstract concept of God and used it to manufacture man-made religions of 'revealed' morals, truths and instructions by which they have set themselves above ordinary men, motivated more by the love of money, power and privilege than by the love of God. Today, younger Clerics are promoting the dumbed-down religions which are blossoming throughout the undeveloped world, while older Clerics continue to promote the declining but powerful traditional religions. Together they remain a very real threat to peace and progress around the world. **** Bob Rees has spent a lifetime as an agnostic trying to understand the whys of Christianity. After following the money, he sees those who stand to gain most (power, wealth) from it as the driving force behind organised religion, which he considers to be false, costly and dangerous. He is passionately anxious to warn anyone who will listen.

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Clerical Errors (ebook)


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