Delphi Complete Works Of Jack London (Illustrated) (ebook)

Delphi Complete Works Of Jack London (Illustrated) (ebook)

Jack London
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Finally, America’s great storyteller Jack London receives the scholarly Delphi treatment. This is the only eBook available with every novel, every short story – even the very rare ones – play, poem, memoir, non-fiction text and much, much more! Now you can truly own all of London’s works on your eReader, and all in ONE well-organised file. (Version 2)* brief but informative introductions to the novels and other works* images of how the novels first appeared, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts* ALL 22 novels and each with their own contents table* even includes the rare novels ‘THE CRUISE OF THE DAZZLER’ and ‘HEARTS OF THREE’, often missed out of collections* packed full of images relating to London’s life and works* ALL 197 short stories and novellas, with excellent formatting, in their own special contents table – find that special story quickly and easily!* the COMPLETE plays, including the rare ‘THE RETURN OF ULYSSES’* EVEN includes London’s complete poetry with special contents table* ALL of the memoirs and non-fiction texts, with many illustrations* RARE magazine articles by the great writer* The popular travel book ‘THE CRUISE OF THE SNARK’ is presented with its original images of London’s adventures* scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres* includes a front MASTER table of contents, allowing easy navigation around London’s immense oeuvre* Charmian London’s biography “Book of Jack London” – explore his interesting life in the words of his beloved wifeCONTENTS:The NovelsTHE CRUISE OF THE DAZZLERA DAUGHTER OF THE SNOWSTHE CALL OF THE WILDTHE KEMPTON-WACE LETTERSTHE SEA-WOLFTHE GAMEWHITE FANGBEFORE ADAMTHE IRON HEELMARTIN EDENBURNING DAYLIGHTADVENTURESMOKE BELLEWTHE SCARLET PLAGUEA SON OF THE SUNTHE ABYSMAL BRUTETHE VALLEY OF THE MOONTHE MUTINY OF THE ELSINORETHE STAR ROVERTHE JACKETTHE LITTLE LADY OF THE BIG HOUSEJERRY OF THE ISLANDSMICHAEL, BROTHER OF JERRYHEARTS OF THREEThe Short StoriesLIST OF THE COMPLETE SHORT STORIESThe PlaysTHEFTTHE ACORN-PLANTERA WICKED WOMANTHE BIRTH MARKTHE FIRST POETTHE RETURN OF ULYSSES–A MODERN VERSIONThe PoetryLIST OF THE COMPLETE POETRYThe MemoirsTHE ROADJOHN BARLEYCORNThe Non-FictionTHE PEOPLE OF THE ABYSSWAR OF THE CLASSESHOW I BECAME A SOCIALISTREVOLUTION AND OTHER ESSAYSTHE CRUISE OF THE SNARKWHAT COMMUNITIES LOSE BY THE COMPETITIVE SYSTEMTHE HUMAN DRIFTTHE STORY OF AN EYEWITNESSEDITORIAL CRIMES – A PROTESTTHE FUTURE OF WARMEXICO’S ARMY AND OURSA LETTER TO HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & CO.A LETTER TO WOMAN’S HOME COMPANIONPHENOMENA OF LITERARY EVOLUTIONAGAIN THE LITERARY ASPIRANTTHE RED GAME OF WARWITH FUNSTON’S MENSTALKING THE PESTILENCETHE TROUBLE MAKERS OF MEXICOLAWGIVERSOUR ADVENTURES IN TAMPICOHOUSEKEEPING IN THE KLONDIKEThe BiographyBOOK OF JACK LONDON.

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Delphi Complete Works Of Jack London (Illustrated) (ebook)


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