Inheritance: Kindred Spirits (ebook)

Inheritance: Kindred Spirits (ebook)

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Inheritance:Kindred Spirits is book 2 in the Inheritance Trilogy. Fulfilling the conditions of the Will means a fresh start in Britain for young American Marketing Executive, Josh MacMaddock. Unbeknown to Josh MacMaddock, the mysterious property he has inherited hides a secret. A series of incidents centred in the chapel of the house leads to the climatic revelation that it is situated on the site of an ancient druidic stone circle, itself an intersection of ley-lines which have been reactivated after centuries of dormancy, by oil-drilling in the near-by Irish Sea He discovers the mysterious circumstances of his relative’s death: combustion within the henge. Further investigations into his deceased relative reveals his membership of an ancient secret Order ‘that has existed across centuries from druidic times to the present day. Tormented by flashbacks, Josh senses impending disaster unless he discovers the nature and purpose of the Secret Order. Teaming up with Dr Gwyn Rowlands an ex alcoholic, archaeologist, they attempt to unravel the Order’s purpose, the secret of the house and as other murder attempts fail, the reason why they are on someone’s death list. Hypnotic regression provides evidence of transmigration and clues to the nature of the house. Quotation The Celtic Druids teach this: “souls are not annihilated, but pass after death from one body to another, and they hold that by this teaching, men are much encouraged to valor, through disregarding fear of death." Julius Caesar – Dictator & Consul of the Roman Republic (100 BC to 44 BC) Book 1 = Inheritance: Who Do You Think You Are? Book 3 = Inheritance: In Their Bloodied Footsteps.

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Philip Maxwell
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Inheritance: Kindred Spirits (ebook)


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