The Shock Of History (ebook)

The Shock Of History (ebook)

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The shock of history: we live it, neither knowing or comprehending it. France, Europe, and the world have entered into a new era of thought, attitudes, and powers. This shock of history makes clear the fact that there is no such thing as an insurmountable destiny. The time will come for Europe to awaken, to respond to the challenges of immigration, toxic ideologies, the perils of globalism, and the confusion that assails her. But under what conditions? That is the question to which this book responds. Conceived in the form of a lively and dynamic interview with a historian who, after taking part in history himself, never ceased to study and reflect upon it. Original edition: Le choc de l’histoire: religion, mémoire, identité (Versailles: Via Romana, 2011). In this text, the first of his major works to appear in English, Dominique Venner recounts the great movements of European history, the origin of its thought, and its tragedies. He proposes new paths and offers powerful examples to ward off decadence, and to understand the history in which we are immersed and in which we lead our lives.

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The Shock Of History (ebook)


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