The Art And Science Of Stuffing Up Your Life (ebook)

The Art And Science Of Stuffing Up Your Life (ebook)

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Do you want some recommendations on how to make your life miserable, wreck your relationships and be stuck forever in patterns of living that just don't work? This is the book for young adults who like to grasp the point quickly while getting a good laugh, and seek out some wisdom at the same time as learning to think things through. Read this for tips on parenting, communication, fear and safety issues, choosing advice, values and beliefs, happiness, wisdom and more. Self help books tend to give advice. This book teaches you how to evaluate advice. Don't read this book if you lack a sense of humour or you may begin to think that you should set about doing all that is suggested. Stuffing up your life is an art form that takes continual practise so beware of what you choose to practise. For example: How does the Glad Wrap get into the bathroom? Glad Wrap is an essential item in dying your hair...... of course! You leave it there because you are going to put it away in a minute! "If you keep nagging me I will leave it there!" Anyway, you suddenly think, what's to stop your parents picking it up themselves instead of making all this fuss? Keep up this line of thinking. It will make your parents proud of your logic and also see you as a strong person who can fight for your rights. One of the best things about Facebook is that you can criticise your friends without having to do it to their face. If you want to make up a story about them, the good thing is that once it's on Facebook, no matter what your friend or relation tries to say about whether it's true or not, it doesn't matter because people will always have some doubt about it. In this way you can punish your friends for letting you down and they can't really do anything about it.

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The Art And Science Of Stuffing Up Your Life (ebook)


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