A Broad Abroad (ebook)

A Broad Abroad (ebook)

Mandy Rowe
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A Broad Abroad: One Woman's Journey takes the reader on a rollicking ride through tropical Queensland, 90's London, and exotic Saudi Arabia with Australian psychologist, mother and former expat wife Mandy Rowe. Bond with Mandy as she overcomes isolation in the desert, and rejoice with her as she discovers the unexpected talents that begin to emerge as she struggles with homesickness and enforced idleness in a compound in Riyadh. This refreshing, down-to-earth, first time author engagingly documents the way the worlds of theatre, visual arts, and writing gradually open up to her, allowing her to establish herself as a successful painter, children's author, and business woman. The intuitive fellowship of women is another important theme in this memoir. Readers will relate strongly to the strength of the mutual female bonds of friendship and support, which, on her return to Australia, eventually lead Mandy to establish Broads Abroad - a dynamic online women's travel network. A Broad Abroad: One Woman's Journey inspires women to value and develop their own achievements, to travel and explore, and to embrace the opportunities life holds out to them. Mandy Rowe is an Australian artist, psychologist and food writer. While living in England and Saudi Arabia in the 1990's she discovered a sisterhood of expat wives that strongly influenced her future ideas about both girl-power and travel. Mandy lives with her pilot husband Shane in rural southern Australia. She has two young adult children.

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A Broad Abroad (ebook)


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