Passion Produces Prosperity (ebook)

Passion Produces Prosperity (ebook)

Sue Doanne
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This book is designed to inspire you to discover the importance and insight you will gain from fulfilling your dreams. It will help you understand how when you are living your passion and purpose you can massively grow your profits when you are being paid for doing what you love. This book will show you how by fulfilling your dreams you can get out of that dead end job and seek out your “Big Why” and purpose in life. By following the 7 Keys to Success you will awaken that dream buried deep inside and take the steps necessary to follow your passion and get paid for doing what you love. This book will help you begin to gain control of what's important in your life and your business. It will help you understand the importance of moving to the fulfillment of your dreams and how your life and the lives around you will be changed. If we only knew that the true secret to living our passion and purpose already lies within each of us we would adopt these 7 Keys to Success. Once you start to put these keys in place you will immediately notice great things beginning to happen and you will never again want to live outside of your passion and purpose. We were all put on this earth with a purpose be it big or small and we are all a part of the puzzle of life. When you aren't living your passion and purpose in life you are leaving a piece of the puzzle of life out. Let each of us strive to find our piece of the puzzle by fulfilling our dreams and being all that we can be. This book is a must read for any person, entrepreneur or business person looking to find their life direction.

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