Supercharge Your Business Today (ebook)

Supercharge Your Business Today (ebook)

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In Supercharge Your Business Today, veteran marketing expert Karl Tettmann transforms the proven business-building strategies of the Fortune 100 into easy to understand success strategies for every business regardless of size. Whether you are a CEO, company president, business owner or manager, this book is for you. Most companies don't even know what information they have on hand. In this book, you'll learn what data is most important and how to transform it into insightful, readable analyses so that even the most "creative” people in the room will use it to make smart business decisions. Plus, you'll be able to use that data to avoid one of the biggest mistakes a business executive, owner or manager can make — the kind of mistake that can bankrupt a company! There's more, much more. The unique GROWTH™ Technique gives you the blueprint for making your own business more profitable, evaluating the true potential of marketing and advertising plans and preparing your company for the steady expansion every CEO and manager dreams of. After reading this book, you will see your business dynamics in an entirely new way. You'll literally know what to expect from every sales promotion and new product launch. You'll be ready to expand your business based on sound decisions, have more control over cash flow and control rising material and overhead costs. In addition, Supercharge Your Business Today will show you how to energize and unite the people who work for you while instilling loyalty and dedication to a job best done. Plus, you'll find the GROWTH™ Technique instrumental in making your business more efficient, thereby increasing the bottom line profitability while also increasing sales. Don't make another business decision before reading this book.

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