Human Operators Manual (ebook)

Human Operators Manual (ebook)

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The Human Operators Manual: How Feelings Work—A Psychological Primer describes how feelings work and how people function internally. I studied psychology for over 20 years, and it became clear to me that a lack of simple information regarding feelings and how they operate are to blame for a tremendous amount of needless suffering. What's different about this book is that it brings together previously inaccessible information essential to emotional health. Nowhere did this information appear in one place, nor was it written in a style the average person could understand. There was good information in the field, but it was hidden within a variety of therapies and psychological jargon. I researched the best information and produced a concise, practical manual that can be read quickly and easily. This book explains exactly what feelings are, how they work, how we avoid them, and what happens to avoided feelings. It explains how these old feelings become stored in the body, how they color our experience and perceptions, create pain and disease, prolong emotional and mental discomfort, and block positive experience. The book then explains how to regain full access to our experiences and how to benefit from releasing old feelings. It's this basic understanding of psychology that people need and yearn to know. Vast numbers of people live in the confusion and torment of restimulated emotions from the past. People want to feel better and are looking for answers. This book contains the knowledge they need. It provides a basic understanding of how we operate internally without having to struggle through a time-consuming and costly search of books and therapies.

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Human Operators Manual (ebook)


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