Stern Manor (ebook)

Stern Manor (ebook)

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"There are two types of male slaves, the kind that mistresses keep and the kind that they use for fun and then pass on or sell to other mistresses." Upon her arrival in London, Fiona Bellamy stands poised to take on a new role, that of personal assistant to the beautiful mistress, Lady Sandra Stern of Stern Manor. The young and eager Fiona - she is just twenty-three - arrives just as six new male recruits have come to Stern Manor, each one tattooed with her red and gold SM monogram on their buttocks. Each one will be trained to slavishly serve the female gender, their masculine bodies given over to the pleasures of women. While the discipline is hard, the training often sadistic for these 'lucky' males, what Fiona will come to learn is that everyone at Stern Manor is under the careful scrutiny of Lady Stern, everyone subject to her reign, and everyone must please this formidable mistress. From all over the world, wealthy women will soon flock to Stern Manor in the Scottish Highlands. As one of the most dominant Mistresses in Europe, Lady Stern will hold one of her famous male slave auctions. For sale is what every Mistress wants - the perfectly trained male submissive. Fiona and Lady Stern have put their newest male submissives through a rigorous training programme sure to impress potential owners. As the auction approaches the tension mounts. Which Mistress will bid the most and be the lucky owner of the very best that Lady Stern can offer? The price is high for these male beasts, but the rewards are great. Note: Versions of this novel were previous published in the UK and as an ebook, titled Chateau Erotique. This version is the original Stern Manor.

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Stern Manor (ebook)


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