A Bodyguard For My Soul: The Solution (ebook)

A Bodyguard For My Soul: The Solution (ebook)

Percy Gagnon
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ALCOHOL • DRUGS • DESPAIR The key to getting out of the vicious cycle that is alcohol and drug dependence. This new book, A Bodyguard for My Soul: The Solution, has a solution within its pages that, once and for all, will help you get over alcoholism, substance abuse, and/or other forms of addiction. This solution can help you to regain sobriety and achieve a higher standard of living for the rest of your life. If alcoholism, drug abuse or other forms of addiction have become a major problem for you, for your family, or for a loved one, we suggest this new book, A Bodyguard for My Soul: The Solution In his book the author will tell you how the disease of addiction developed in tandem with his emotional system, from his tender childhood to maturity. In his case, it was first the discovery of alcohol and nicotine which led to his experimentation with cocaine and sleeping pills. All of these addictions ingrained themselves quickly and took total control of his life for more than thirty years, until finally he was able to find a way to break the chains that restrained him, regaining control of his life and achieving sobriety, which he have now happily enjoyed for more than twenty-five years. Testimonials I've known the author for over 35 years. His openness is impressive. He has managed to find himself again while fighting his alcohol and drug dependence. He realized he needed help to get out of the desperation of addiction, that it was not possible to do it alone. This is a message of generosity, self-awareness and principle. Dr. Claude Lauriault, BA, MD, FAAFP, FCFP We find in this book a recipe that can help those who need it to regain sobriety and live relatively happy for the rest of their lives. In his message of hope, the author states, "You no longer need to look elsewhere, since this excellent recipe is written on the pages of this very book. Upon receipt, it is as though you've been given the secret combination to get away.

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A Bodyguard For My Soul: The Solution (ebook)


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