An Independent State (ebook)

An Independent State (ebook)

Dan Lynch
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Dan Lynch . . . uses wit, common sense, and above all, a sturdy BS detector, to roam the political landscape, and expose loonies and their fallacious arguments on the left and right. — Ralph Cipriano, reporter, blogger on, and author ofCourtroom Cowboy and The Hit Man.. The most important story of the 2012 presidential campaign wasn't the re-election of Barack Obama. It wasn't the Republicans retaining control of the House of Representatives or the Democrats holding on to the U. S. Senate. It wasn't several states essentially legalizing marijuana and gay marriage. Instead, it was the surging swarm of defections from each major political party by frustrated, fed-up Americans appalled by the parties' blind, vicious partisanship and by the way the party operatives mangle the truth to mislead voters. The big story of the election was that it marked the beginning of the emergence of free-thinking independents as the dominant force in American politics, which is just how George Washington, James Madison and the other Framers wanted us to conduct democracy's business. That's the point of An Independent State: How the Deluded, Deranged Cult Members of Partisan Politics Are Destroying the Very Fabric of American Life - And What Sensible People Can Do to Fix It All. “I commend Dan Lynch for pointing out . . . that politicians need to get back to the business of governing and producing a work product for the good of the people they represent.” — Michael McNulty , Representative U.S. Congress (NY) , 1992-2009 . "Lynch peels back the onion to consider the real issues while unmasking the lies both parties would like you believe. Don't cast another ballet before reading this book!” — Paul Rutherford, Author "The Tunnel Hoard.” .

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