Last Lord Of The Levee (ebook)

Last Lord Of The Levee (ebook)

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. . . “captivates the reader as the suspense builds to a deadly climax. Historically accurate and engrossing, Last Lord of the Levee will entertain you until the last page.”—Misty Hood, author of Remaking Mrs. Callahan. “. . . a work with literary appeal . . . close to the historical narrative . . . about the Levee—a place where truth was stranger than fiction.”—Robert Lombardo, author of The Black Hand, Terror by Letter in Chicago. Desperate To Save His Beloved Emma, Henry Sweeny Is Forced To Work For Johnny Torrio, Crime Lord Of Chicago's Notorious Levee District. Naïve farm boy Henry Sweeney goes to Chicago to search for his cousin Lauryn, who disappeared after traveling there. When his money runs out, he is forced to take a job dealing Faro and poker in a place controlled by The Fox, Johnny Torrio. Determined to not completely loose his humanity, he saves Emma Gallagher, a stunning Irish immigrant, from a gang rape and life as a sexual slave, putting his own life in danger. Saving Emma from the Levee is the beginning of their life together. They face streets filled with chaos and a city under the control of clashing mob factions, which only worsens when Prohibition begins. Soon, Emma discovers she has diabetes, an always fatal disease at this time. Sweeney's only option is to do everything possible to prolong her life, even if it means sinking deeper into the shadowy world he has tried so desperately to escape. “If Mickey Spillane was living, he might have a rival. Noir at it's best.”—George Scott, Director, Books for Heroes. "Last Lord of the Levee" is a gripping tale set during one of the most colorful and turbulent eras in Chicago's history. Using raw and compelling prose, Kevin Edwards resurrects the violence, greed, and lust for power that characterized the Windy City during the early years of the twentieth century.”—Rose Keefe, author of Guns and Roses: The Untold Story of Dean O'Banion.

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Stuart G. Yates
EPub con DRM
Novela - Narrativa
Novela Española e Hipanoamericana
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Last Lord Of The Levee (ebook)


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