Roadkill (ebook)

Roadkill (ebook)

Hal Reames
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One Man'S Journey Into Hell, As His Life, Consumed By Blood Lust, Spirals Out Of Control. "A gripping tale of good and evil that offers disturbing a insight into the sometimes horrifying capabilities of the human mind. If that doesn't keep you awake at night, remember this - the Beast is still out there!"-Karina Gioertz (Author of Blood Bound: A Thriller Novel) A beast stalks the bleak and barren moorland. It is an unknown thing, a creature from the darkest, most terrifying of nightmares. When Ralph collides with a deer one starless night, old forgotten thoughts of blood and death re-emerge, control him, and force him to begin a nightmarish journey of mayhem. The beast hunts out its victims, kills with frightening speed, then feasts on their flesh. A thing of legend? Or is it real? Ralph knows the truth, for he is the true Beast of Bodmin. Soon everyone will know the truth. "Creepy, cool, dark, dangerous and beautiful - a thrilling look into the mind of madness."-Nancy J Parra, author of 'Gluten for Punishment', the latest in her 'Baker's Treat' series. "Once I picked up "Road Kill,", I couldn't stop until the end. Mr. Yates' writing is distinctive and original with a vigor and energy all it's own."-Terry Irving-- Emmy-award winning news producer and author of upcoming blockbuster "Courier." "Stuart G Yates' amazingly descriptive writing style transports one to the very scene of the action. Road Kill's vivacity does not disappoint!"-LoriAnn Murray, co-author of upcoming inspirational memoir "The Rose Amongst the Thorns.".

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Hal Reames
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Roadkill (ebook)


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