Go And Get It (ebook)

Go And Get It (ebook)

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This world is pulling us into the wheel of deception. We spin around and around so quickly that we can't breathe, think or react without fear, pain and confusion. So we repeat our mistakes over and over again, losing ourselves in the process. We don't know that we can jump off this wheel of deception and walk into the stillness and reality of life, by taking the gift that has been handed to us from our Father. We may come to a point in our lives when we feel disappointed, broken, hurt, devastated and it paralyzes our whole being. We face two choices: we can stay bitter and angry, blaming the world for what has happened to our lives. Or we can turn our lives around and make them victorious. To turn around, we need to start thinking in a new way. We have to put away our old ways of understanding. We have to go back to our beginnings and understand who we are, what we had and what was stolen from us. We have to understand that this world was created by God. From the beginning, God was our Father and everything was ours and was perfect. We have to learn how we lost God's Spirit and our resources for happy lives. How we became afraid, confused, misled and paralyzed. And we need to meet our redeemer, Jesus our savior. Our new discovery about life with God gives us new energy and the strength to learn about our new live and bright new possibilities. We go forward and we don't look back. Together with God we overcome all obstacles and win every war. We create things we never dreamed of. Nothing is able to hold us down. We rise above the laws of this earth: above evil, above ignorance, above cruelty. We receive God's gifts to help us to walk from this confused and lost kingdom of the world to the Kingdom of God. While we are learning, God gives us protection from evil in this world so we don't fall. Then, He will bring us preserved, sound, healthy and whole to the Kingdom of God. Finally, we face a new beginning, new vision and new dream under the shadow of the Almighty.

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