The Owned Girl (ebook)

The Owned Girl (ebook)

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Dominic Ridler, author of the best-selling novels A Sexual Odyssey and A Well Trained Pup, tantalizes us even further with his latest sensual story, The Owned Girl. After five glorious years of marriage and multiple discussions on how to steam up their already explosive sex life, Matthew suggests to his wife, Annabel, that they bring in a third person. To have, to hold and to own. When Matthew brings home his former student, the alluring Beth, Annabel can see the instant attraction. Lithe, beautiful and with the face of an innocent, Beth is definitely a prize worth keeping. ÒPlease will you make me your good little girl?Ó With a request like that from such an obviously submissive girl, Annabel and Matthew agree to start her training immediately. BethÕs new owners take over her sex life completely. Banning boyfriends, orgasm denial, picking her clothes, and teaching her how to properly please her new Master and Mistress. Matthew continually spanks and whips Beth when sheÕs not their good girl. Annabel joins in the fun of correcting their owned girl, and takes her built up aggression out on her. After starting a new blog and gaining many followers, Beth tells her owners about a couple who wants to meet the three of them. Excited at the prospect of finding like-minded individuals, they meet with the stunning Aidan and Pilar at a restaurant. Their good little girl is put through her paces and humiliated during the dinner, having to take her knickers off in the bathroom and handing them over at the table in front of everyone. The next day, they drop Beth off at the coupleÕs hotel. Aidan and Pilar have MatthewÕs permission to use her in any way that pleases them. After a torrid afternoon full of collars and leashes, oral sex, butt plugs, and tons of spanking, Beth is very pleased with her new friends. Soon, however Matthew becomes ragingly jealous when Beth starts to explore her boundaries.

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The Owned Girl (ebook)


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