Compliance (ebook)

Compliance (ebook)

P.a. Jones
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As the story opens, two people start their day in very different ways. A submissive is woken early by the sting of his mistress’s riding crop, forced to serve her and locked into his dungeon. Later that day, young dominatrix Mary heads for work in the afternoon looking forward to making her first client beg for mercy. ‘Compliance’ tells the intertwining stories of these two as they inevitably come together. The submissive’s story is driven by his mistress as she breaks him to her will, branding him with her mark in a shocking public performance and showing off her newly learned skills as she tortures him for the amusement of her friends. Locked in chastity, he learns that his desire no longer belongs to him, it is wholly hers. And yet, is this really all she wants from him, just his compliance? Mary is taken under the wing of disdainful Mistress Vixen and trained to work for her, using her long legs and elegantly muscled arms to dominate Vixen’s clients with her cheerful brutality. If she enjoys having them crawl at her feet so much, why is she so restless? Into their stories wanders young beautician Frankie. Not knowing Vixen’s profession she describes her boyfriend troubles and gets a lesson on how to take control of a man - a lesson that she and her boyfriend will never forget. As their stories come together in the hills of Wellington, will the slave find what his mistress wants from him and will Mary discover what she is looking for?.

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Compliance (ebook)


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