Sarah'S Girlfriend (ebook)

Sarah'S Girlfriend (ebook)

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Buxom blonde Sarah naturally attracts every male eye on campus.Ê Yet despite her countless desperate fantasies that might shock even her swaggering potential suitors, the shy, deeply sensual girl is comparatively inexperienced.Ê Every night, fingers moving ever more rapidly in the darkness, she must bite her lip to keep from moaning aloud in the top bunk of her dorm room as her mind races through the many, many beautiful perversions that she would never dare speak aloud.Ê Secretly, however, she despairs of these tantalizing thoughts ever becoming reality. That all changes one confusing night when SarahÕs slyly playful yet somewhat enigmatic older roommate Nikki accepts an invitation to meet a pair of acquaintances at a gay bar, with the uneasy but powerfully curious Sarah accompanying the slinky brunette.Ê Sarah does like boys, and yetÉwell, very privately she has indeed entertained many naughty thoughts about girls, too.Ê It is strangely affecting, therefore, for the purported good girl to see women actually flirting with women, holding hands, even kissing passionately in the smoky gloom.Ê When she ends up dancing with a lesbian clearly attracted by her curvy charms, the wickedly flattered Sarah can only sway there uncertainlyÉuntil Nikki, hard-eyed in what Sarah innocently supposes is disgust, ÒrescuesÓ her from the strangerÕs clutches. Frightened by her own reaction, Sarah for a time tries to hide herself in the seeming normalcy of compulsive dating.Ê The sly, black-haired Nikki, however, understands SarahÕs confused needs far better than the blonde herself does.Ê For although Sarah may desire to be seduced and swept off her feet by a lover as smooth and shapely and feminine as herself, her inhibitions require moreÑfar more.

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Sarah'S Girlfriend (ebook)


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