Tales Of Males Submission (ebook)

Tales Of Males Submission (ebook)

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What do a philandering husband, a male chauvinist redneck and a Latin American dictator all have in common? They're all about to fall into the Fem Zone; a world of beautiful domineering women with eerie, sexy powers. Revenge ends in mutual pleasure, however as man learns to find his bliss in submission. This startling collection of Femdom fiction includes a healthy assortment of earth bound babes, ready to put their men down in a most satisfying way... as well as a shape shifting witch, a band of nubile forest nymphs, and a race of alien hussies who give new meaning to the term 'anal probe.' Stories include... In Max's Cure, a female doctor's radical brand of therapy has life-altering implications for a frustrated and lonely submissive... while a new stripper learns the ropes - the timeless game of humiliating and dominating men for cash in Lap Dance. And in Like Mother, Like Daughter, a middle aged dominatrix bridges the generation gap when she teaches her coed daughter how to handle a two timing boyfriend... Then a smug 'dominant' becomes obsessed with a frail creature he meets at a BDSM gathering - The Munch. Unable to take no for an answer, he follows her home and gets the surprise of his life... These women all know what they want and they are going to have it. Absolute obedience and total submission. Ali in Alilust: Tales of Dominance and Submission, the gorgeous girl next door is looking for a fresh boy toy to tie down with duct tape ... or ... a leather and lace nymph named Malificent in Roadside Assistance, stalking virgins on a lonely highway... or ... the take charge Domina, Monica, in Flexing an exotic dancer at the Rocket Fire Club, every female featured in this hot, sexy collection of stories is born to be worshipped.

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Tales Of Males Submission (ebook)


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