Start Over! Start Now! Ten Keys To Success In Business And Life! (ebook)

Start Over! Start Now! Ten Keys To Success In Business And Life! (ebook)

Jamie Wolf
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If you lost your job, your possessions, your marriage and your family, would you know how to start over? It happened to Jamie Wolf. Almost overnight, she went from a successful businesswoman with a husband, three children, a nice home and a six-figure income to an unemployed single woman who couldn't get a job bagging groceries and could barely pay the bills. As she says, "I had two choices: give up or start over." From agonizing experience, Wolf learned that she could recover from failure. She did it by thinking like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are nimble thinkers. They invest in themselves. They build networks. And they take intelligent risks. You don't have to start a business to think like an entrepreneur. You may just want to get through a day without making the same old mistakes. No matter what you hope to accomplish, Jamie Wolf can help. In Start Over, you'll learn to determine your own direction. You'll learn how to set objectives and how to achieve them, one step at a time. You'll learn how to thrive in a world where change is the only constant. You'll learn to look failure in the face. And you'll learn that failure can help you succeed. The lessons in Start Over are life-tested by Jamie herself. Now she wants to share them with you so you can start over, too, because it's where you end up that matters! My wish for you is for your learning to be successful. For your greatest benefits, I strongly encourage you to try all three learning formats – written, audio, and video. Then work through the exercises by yourself of in the Start Over forum online. Finally, share what you have learned. Your learning options: • Read the written form – this Guidebook, or – • Listen to the audio, or – • See the video. Please note: This training material is intended to be used in conjunction with material in the book, Start Over!.

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Start Over! Start Now! Ten Keys To Success In Business And Life! (ebook)


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