The Domination Of Diana (ebook)

The Domination Of Diana (ebook)

M.j. Aleese
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Diana yearns for a life of love and domination.  Momentarily, she finds it – however, not with one man. Living the perfect double life, she has a sensitive, attentive fiancé and a domineering master, in his best friend Liam. Liam fulfills Diana’s never before exposed submissive needs, while Troy promises her happy-ever-after.  As Diana and Troy’s wedding approaches, Liam’s need for control intensifies. He decides if he can’t possess Diana completely– he won’t allow his best friend to have her either. In an effort to stop their fairytale relationship, Liam sets the wheels in motion to break Diana and Troy apart.  First, he introduces Troy the world of bondage, dominance, submission and masochism at Chicago’s hottest underground club, The INFERNO. While there, Troy sees life as never before – as it could be – as it should be. Surprisingly, he finds himself aroused by the supreme control and reddened punished asses. However, he doesn’t want to dominate strangers; he fantasizes about BDSM with his fiancée. Before Troy can show Diana this exciting new lifestyle; she disappears.  As Troy searches for his fiancée, Liam arranges an introduction for Diana to the world of sexual slavery.  If he can’t have Diana as his own, Liam decides she will become communal property at The Inferno... Will Liam’s plans succeed? Will Diana give up her dream of love and submission?  When faced with punishment and domination, will she submit to life as a sex slave? Or, will Troy’s new found desires lead him back to the underground world where domination and love are waiting? Maledom/BDSM, Anal sex, M/f, M/f/M, f/f, slavery, D/s and dubious consent.

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The Domination Of Diana (ebook)


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