Joan'S New Obsession (ebook)

Joan'S New Obsession (ebook)

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It was an accident. Lovely forty-two year-old Joan discovered an old 'swinger' magazine that her faithful husband had bought a few years earlier. Joan was at first in doubt. Did her husband wish a tryst with a younger woman? Or want to see her used hard by another man? Then, she remembered the many whispers during their lovemaking about craving sex and surrender with a younger woman. Amused, she thought that her husband was exploring a way for a 'threesome' with her and a younger woman. Then she spotted an ad placed by the young, beautiful Dominatrix of her erotic dreams. She was nearly paralyzed by the picture. This was the young woman who would make all of Joan's fantasies come to life! She arranged a paid meeting with gorgeous Victoria Thompson and her husband and herself. She thought it would be an unforgettable night of domination and punishment of both herself and her own husband. It was at least that! Both she and her husband were dominated and severely punished. This was the place where she belonged! The spankings and whippings, the commanded oral pleasuring of a woman half her age were places that she had to be! Just after her lash-marks had faded, Joan contacted her new whip-Mistress and arranged a 'session' between just the two of them. What would Joan face? How strict would exquisite Victoria Thompson be with her? What would Joan have to tell her faithful husband? Find-out in this second installment of Joan's submission.

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