Reaching Your Dream (ebook)

Reaching Your Dream (ebook)

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This book will motivate to reach your dreams, and become your goals a reality. Don't underestimate your dreams Glowing dreams can help you to reach a higher plane in your life and develop a constant vision of triumph that will augment your happiness. You can be a missionary That binomial, divine-human combination, is the source of power to do great enterprises that will leave prints of hope in humanitarian service. Rejecting mediocrity and despair In an audacious moment, impelled by desperation, she lifted up her vision and started dreaming for a better tomorrow. She refused to live a mediocre life! Miracle Visas In my amazement, I didn't realize that God had done another miracle in my life by granting me a US Resident Visa in just two weeks! The consul's unexpected words “Please help us to make our nation better” made me think that they are expecting me to help to improve the morality of this country. The American Dream The full meaning of the American Dream is to enjoy liberty, love, peace, and justice for all. “Dear children, we've come to this country to succeed! We must fight the good battle; we must be strong and courageous.” “The plant being under the shadow of a tree doesn't grow perfectly.” Becoming USA Licensed Architect For three months of preparation for the exams, I was isolated from the exterior world. No weekend reunions, no visiting, no TV programs, nor any kind of distraction. My study concentration would be one hundred percent! For the grace of God, my greatest dream became a reality: “Becoming a licensed architect in the State of California!” Not by might or power “Dad, they draw graffiti on our house. It's time to get a gun!” In a peaceful manner I said, “Son, it's time to trust The Lord more!” A miracle happened! Invisible holy beings were in charge of cleaning up evil from our neighborhood.

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