The Bride Made Ready (ebook)

The Bride Made Ready (ebook)

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The Bride Made Ready is the New Covenant prospective for keeping the Feasts of the Lord not by the letter of the law but by God’s Holy Spirit. Keeping these feasts is more than acknowledging and receiving Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross for the salvation of our spirit. It penetrates our lives far more deeply. It is learning to yield to the refining and defining work of the Holy Spirit for the progressive salvation and maturation of our souls while yet here on earth. As we are transformed into His very image from glory to glory, we will become truly one with Him. Jesus is not returning for a toddler bride, but a radiant, holy, mature bride of Christ who lives and moves in His full stature and mindset. The reader will learn how to permit the work of the Holy Spirit upon us individually and corporately that the church may arise to shine forth God’s glory in character and in works before a lost and dying world. She will express and release His love locally and globally. Christ’s beloved and obedient bride who has been made ready will graciously reach out in glory and expand the family of God throughout the earth by the radiant light of Christ within her before He takes her away to celebrate the supper of the Lamb together.

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The Bride Made Ready (ebook)


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