Trail Blazers: Special 10th Anniversary Edition (ebook)

Trail Blazers: Special 10th Anniversary Edition (ebook)

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Trail Blazers is the story of Miles Kendricks, a successful, unconventional African-American star-ship captain living in the 25th century. He has a very good life to date, his own star-ship that allows him to travel and trade throughout the galaxy, his youth and health and the stars themselves that represent infinite possibilities. Miles is also on the verge of a great scientific breakthrough, one that will revolutionize his age: Dimensional Travel through a device he's dubbed Stable Dimensions in Transition, or the SDT. The SDT would theoretically allow his star-ship to travel from any point in the universe to any other, in fractions of a second. Miles realizes that will make him the most significant scientist of his age, but all he cares about is how rich it will make him. If it works. Complicating matters is a fugitive alien with a price on his head named Ja'Rheen who takes refuge on Miles' ship. A malfunction with the SDT plagues Miles with memories not his own, those from seven hundred years into the past, sharing consciousness a nineteenth century slave on the run from brutal oppressors. Ja'Rheen tries help Miles understand the meaning of the slave's memories and his significance to Miles. Miles only wants to get Ja'Rheen off his ship before powerful aliens destroy them both. Trail Blazers was inspired by a love of history and science fiction. This story is for sci-fi fans who find it difficult to identify with mainstream heroes that don't necessarily share their background. Trail Blazers is an epic tale with diverse characters exploring diverse themes; faith, hatred, reconciliation, family, love, the rights of all sentient beings human or alien and universal peace. Trail Blazers is a tale of pioneers where all the major characters have blazed a new trail for others to follow. Miles is on the verge of a technical break through that will revolutionize space travel.

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Trail Blazers: Special 10th Anniversary Edition (ebook)


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