More Ants! (ebook)

More Ants! (ebook)

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More Ants!, the second hilarious story based on true events, can be read without knowing the first one entitled There are Ants in my Sugar. A quick summary of the latter in this edition, however, will quickly bring you up to date with events following the family being unceremoniously dumped in winter, practically in the middle of the night at their new "country home" (without running water or electricity). Having tried to make the best of a bad situation Annica and her close friend (also her 'maid') May, now run into brand new crises such discover a simmering forbidden love affair, for one, and murderous criminals, for another. Annica not only has to try and save her own ailing marriage by very unusual means that may involve the supernatural, she also has to try and rescue the roof of her hovel from complete disintegration as the notorious Transvaal storms – all while the husband is away. And yet another threat from within – her husband trying to take over her little business as his own business collapses – pushes our heroine of the veld even further towards the edge. The stakes couldn't be higher as Ben, the Jewish pig farmer, not only openly expresses great concern towards her (which definitely goes beyond just good neighbourliness), he also gets involved in the husband's business causing May to consistently warn of "groot kak" (big trouble) as all the various crises reach breaking point. The climax brings together a motley crew of characters (a white male racist, his 'coloured' (mulatto) sweetheart - who may still hate him for dumping her - a white gay interior decorator and his Indian lower, a 'witchdoctor', and an Afrikaans aunt, to name but a few). And let us not forget it is apartheid South Africa where race groups are forbidden by law to 'associate'.

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More Ants! (ebook)


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