True Hollywood Blockbuster (ebook)

True Hollywood Blockbuster (ebook)

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Every society throughout history has looked to great narratives. These narratives reflect and inspire people's dreams and aspirations, past and present. These stories convey a society's message to present and future generations. Yet in this timeless process, something new began in the 20th century: we often find great narratives in movies. These movies communicate to us about our society and ourselves–where we have been, what we are doing presently, and where we would like to go. There is only one story, told in myriad ways, and it is the story of the self-discovery of the soul. Shireen Chada leads us through this deep reasoning to brilliant conclusions, demonstrating that it is the "light" in humankind that projects the drama onto the movie screen of experience. We follow the gaze of the author's most knowing eyes, clear with a lifetime of intentional spiritual living. She calls us to perceive the Source of that light and the lenses through which the universal themes of human drama are reflected, not only in films, but in our lives. This gentle author deftly works in insights from Joseph Campbell and Chris Vogler, great thinkers of myth, which resonate with themes of several compelling movies, "Blockbusters", of our time. Stunningly, she shows us how these Hollywood Blockbusters illustrate modes of perception–like tinted lenses of the projector. Shireen describes these perceptual modes through the lens of ancient Vedic teachings as sattva, rajas, and tamas: Sattva - a state of "peace, joy, and wisdom . . . the highest and original state of the soul" . . . where the soul knows "exactly what to do." We see virtuous sattva in the self- forgetting love of the hero and heroine, the steadfast white steed – even the silent emblem of the white hat. Rajas is there, too, as "intense desire"--possessive, acquisitive, passionate, and delusional, yet fascinating. There is at least a touch of rajas in the hero and villain of every drama.

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True Hollywood Blockbuster (ebook)


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