Guardians Of The Vision (ebook)

Guardians Of The Vision (ebook)

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Drawing on the compelling experiences of a wide range of contributors, you'll discover more about what fuels your way of engaging, creating new outcomes and results - for you and for those you touch. Engage a new paradigm for parenting through personal experience rather than dogma. In a world of accelerating change, the one thing we can count on is that parenting is the single most potent force for shaping culture. Like Mom's good china, parenting is handed down from one generation to the next... without question or challenge; without consideration or discovery. Our children are becoming our living legacy of things hidden, things forgotten and things overlooked. Guardians of the Vision: Parenting for the Birthright of Potential offers insights and discoveries, as well as challenges and queries that invite us all to redefine and reclaim an expression of 'parenting' that is sustainable over time. In the lives of these compelling writers, you'll find the stirring of your own inner truth. It starts with you. Are you ready to redefine your world? Guardians of the Vision is testimony to the awakening of potential that is inherent to the WEL-Systems body of knowledge for nurturing ourSelves and our children to live joyously, authentically and fully alive... for children to seize their own potential with sheer gusto because their own parents are awake to an emerging future. It is never, ever too late to begin anew!.

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Guardians Of The Vision (ebook)


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