Stan Stumble (ebook)

Stan Stumble (ebook)

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Competing in a race to reach 100 countries and a quest to find the perfect wine brought the one who must always be obeyed and I to Central Asia. Our journey started in Kazakhstan that dates back to the Stone Age, a prehistoric period characterized by the use of stone tools. It was only in the beginning of the 15th century when Kazakh identity came into being. After becoming stronger as a people, the Kazakhs fought off a federation of armed Western Mongol tribes in the 17th century, and went on to win major victories invading forces in the following century. During the 19th century, however, the vast Russian empire started to expand in Central Asia. Following its colonization, 400,000 Russians immigrated to the country and were followed by one million Slavs, Germans and Jew. The Russians slaughtered a number of renowned local writers, poets, thinkers, and historians to suppress Kazakh culture and identity, and had made the territory as the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. Our next stop was Kyrgyzstan. In order to get the feel of its culture, history, cuisine, wines, music and people we travelled through Bishkek, Tokmon, Issyk Kul, Gigorevka Gorge, and Ala Archa national Park. It is a beautiful country embraced by mountains in Central Asia. Tian Shan mountain ranges wrap up most of its northern border. Lake Issyk-Kul insulates the land with its warm accompaniment. Kyrgyzstan has a strong foundation of noble virtues from its ancestral roots. This is one country that deserves several days of stay to explore it natural beauty. Next was Uzbekistan. It is located in the heart of Central Asia, between two large rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya. This land became the motherland of civilization, which is perhaps one of the most ancient in the world. This land was the crossroad of the Great Silk Road, connecting Asia and Europe. Here, in numerous bazaars and workshops craftsmen created fine works of art, which by the Silk Road reached the most remote parts of Europe and Asia.

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Stan Stumble (ebook)


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