Castles Of The Loire Valley Vol. 02 (ebook)

Castles Of The Loire Valley Vol. 02 (ebook)

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The Val de Loire is inhabited. Inhabited by a river that sometimes rumbles, following the seasons, and that disrupts the features of its shores when its water rises, just as at other times it can gently caress them with its lenient streams. The residents of the region are used to this unique river’s mood swings, and never tire of watching it change. As for the Maison de la Loire de Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire and the Loire de Blois Observatory, they watch over and monitor it, picking up on its tidal bursts and flora and fauna reactions so as to understand how nature harmonizes, and thus help preserve its biodiversity. The Loire. Sovereigns and city-states arose from her shores and through her was born what has come to be known as the “ Valley of Kings ”. Chambord, Blois, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Cheverny, legendary names with a prolific History, places to discover again and again, so rich are the cultural animations that all of the enthusiasts bring to life and have to offer. Because they share them, these spots where they sometimes live and for which they never lack imagination. The region is bountiful, that leaves no doubt : consistent with the river’s image as well as that of its residents, it has a great gastronomic variety to offer, from game and fish to the Tarte Tatin, without omitting the renown Mara des Bois (strawberry). Do you know all of these delicacies ? Accompanied by a Touraine-Mesland or a Cour-Cheverny, the Val de Loire’s specialties could very well leave you with a pleasant taste of a wishful comeback….

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Castles Of The Loire Valley Vol. 02 (ebook)


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