Lebanese Cuisine (ebook)

Lebanese Cuisine (ebook)

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Lebanese cuisine is perhaps one of the most typical expression of Middle Eastern cuisine, extremely diverse and heavily influenced by the Arab-Muslim tradition. This is especially noticeable in the prevalence of the use of the lamb, the abundant use of nuts, especially almonds and pine nuts, and dressings made from lemon juice. Lebanese cuisine is a delight for hovering. Using fresh ingredients and flavorful spices and refined, the Lebanese have acquired the best aspects of Turkish and Arabic giving them a French twist. The soups are light, enriched with lentils and spiced with cinnamon. Dish is the tabbouleh, a salad of parsley, tomatoes and burghul, with many variations, the taste reminds decidedly lemon. Diffuse are stuffed vegetables such as pumpkins, eggplant and chard stuffed with vegetarian, meat and rice and meat and pine nuts. It is commonly found on the tables the "kabees", Lebanese pickles, but also a lot of salads and fruits. Even in wine Lebanon is unmatched with other Middle Eastern cultures. There is an oasis in Lebanon that the story was not touched by Islamic fundamentalism, nor by conflicts: the Bekaa Valley, a stronghold of one of the oldest wine production. In Lebanon were the Phoenicians, four thousand years ago, to bring the culture of the vine. The cultivation of the vine was maintained and even enhanced with the arrival of the Orthodox Christian community in the territory, although production was limited to the consumption for ecclesiastical rites and their canteens. Recipes on the volume: Ashta Awamaat Baba Ghanoush Babaghannush baklava Batata Harra Burghul with walnuts Grouper with sauce Tarator Cream with cumin (mighli) Eggah with leeks Spinach dumplings Falafel Fattoush Ganache Milk Halawet el jibn Hummus Imjadra Eggplant salad Lebanese Salad Chicken roulade with sage Kafta meshwi Kibbee Laban b'khiar (cucumber salad with yoghurt) Lahm biajin (pizzas with meat) Makloubeh Manakiche b'zaatar (Pizza Lebanese thyme) Mjadarah Musakhan Mutabbal Koosa Nkhaat Mtabbli Pita bread Pastries with walnuts and almonds Baked fish with tahini sauce Fish with saffron Meatloaf Rice to Lebanon Salami Dates Salata Al-Filfil Tarator sesame sauce Sugar syrup Shish Tavuk Tabuleh Tabuleh curry Warak Inab White Coffee Za'atar .

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