The Demigod'S City (ebook)

The Demigod'S City (ebook)

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In this fast-paced narrative, historian Ralph P. Güntzel explains how a settlement that started as a small royal court in the middle of the wilderness became the capital of a kingdom and eventually morphed into the thriving metropolis of North Hesse. Narrated in a user-friendly style, this book places local events into the larger context of German and European history. It offers a fresh perspective on the major developments in the history of the city and brings to life numerous intriguing characters. Loaded with wry commentary, it takes supposedly great men from their pedestal and gives credit to hitherto unsung heroes who have helped shape Kassel's fortunes in past and present. A native of Kassel, Ralph P. Güntzel studied in Göttingen, Berlin, and Montréal and earned his Ph.D. in history from McGill University (Montréal). He has held teaching positions in Montréal, Franklin (Indiana), and Salzburg, and currently is the chair of the Department of History at Franklin College. His most recent monograph is entitled "Understanding 'Old Europe': An Introduction to the Culture, Politics, and History of France, Germany, and Austria" and was published by Tectum in 2010. Praise for "Understanding 'Old Europe'": "Güntzel's style is elegant and easily understandable for students and teachers of French or German Studies, history, political science, or European civilization. Americans planning a trip abroad be it as informed tourists or for professional reasons; and Austrians, French, and Germans interested in their own culture and the historical roots of many of the customs and policies in place today would likewise profit from Güntzel's narrative.

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The Demigod'S City (ebook)


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